Jan. 15, 2019 — One lot of A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs has been recalled in Nebraska due to possible salmonella contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.

The recall is for lot 2018 20/08 20. There is no nationwide recall.

The recalled dog food poses a serious health risk to both dogs and people, the FDA warned.

If you bought the recalled dog food, throw it away in a secure container where other animals, including wildlife, cannot get at it. If you’ve had this product in your homes, clean fridges/freezers where it was stored, and clean and disinfect all bowls, utensils, food prep surfaces, pet bedding, toys, floors, and any other surfaces that the food or pet may have had contact with, the FDA advised.

Clean up the pet’s feces in yards or parks where people or other animals may be exposed to it.

Anyone with symptoms of salmonella infection — such as diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps — should see a health care provider. Take your pet to a veterinarian if it has symptoms of salmonella infection, which can include vomiting, diarrhea (which may be bloody), fever, loss of appetite and/or decreased activity levels.

Most people recover from salmonella infection without treatment, but in some cases, the diarrhea may be so severe that patients need to be hospitalized, the FDA said.

People especially at risk from salmonella infection include those who are very young, very old, or have a weak immune system.

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